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About White House Catering

Chicken or EggHave you ever been out, and heard a conversation that sounded like the age old tale of, “What came first, the chicken or egg?” That is very much our story. When did White House Catering become the culinary beast, and professional service, it is today?

Jeremy and Scott met thirteen years ago working together at Scott’s restaurant La Cocina Del Puerco. Scott originally hired Jeremy as bartender, where he quickly realized there was something to this skinny twenty-two year old kid. At the same time, Jeremy realized Scott had the knowledge, and experience, he also wanted to have one day. Scott taught Jeremy every little thing he asked to learn, and as their camaraderie grew — so did business.  Once they started doing events together, it was clear they were unstoppable as a team, and Cancun Kansas City was born. With Jeremy’s background in special events (the family business he grew up learning), and Scott’s culinary experience, they took this little bar and threw a Cinco de Mayo celebration that had everyone talking. Though it was planned as a one-time event, the interest garnered turned it into an annual event, and a recurring appointment on their yearly calendar.

Then, There Was Ashley

Ashley SloanSpeaking of Cinco de Mayo, that’s where Ashley Sloan, one of WHC’s event coordinators, came in to the picture. Ashley, a longtime friend and colleague of Scott’s, had just moved back from California. Scott reached out to her to ask if she could help bar-tend at the Cinco de Mayo event. That morning Scott was directing a hundred things, including getting tents set up for six different bars. Each bar, of course, had to have margaritas on tap at each station. Jeremy and Ashley met during that pre-event chaos. Jeremy was helping run the bar at this point, and Ashley asked what she could do to help.

During that long hectic day Ashley displayed the work ethic, professionalism, people skills, and joie de vivre that made Jeremy see what Scott had seen all those years. As Jeremy and Scott moved on to other business ventures, Ashley had cemented her valued place on the team. They convinced her to stay on, despite the always beckoning California sun, as they continued to run the bar. Striving always to keep traditions alive, and always keeping an eye on the solid business practices behind them.

In 2005, Ashley and Jeremy started up an event/promotions business doing marketing for bars, and restaurants, around the city. As they started to see return on their hard work, making great contacts along the way, they cemented their work relationship. At this point, as proven entrepreneurs — Scott, Ashley and Jeremy knew they could do great things together.

Now, We Are Cooking With Gas

Chef Scott doing the fun stuff2006 was the year White House Catering was truly born. Jeremy had been contacted by an old employee of Scott’s. One of her members at the country club was doing a large charity event on a budget, and she desperately needed help. This was the first event Jeremy had done of that size on his own, and it was a big risk for him. Since it was a charity event, he was giving a donation of food, time, and staff. While it felt great to give back, it was a strain on the business. Jeremy reached out to Scott, to get some friendly advice. Scott happily jumped in to help.

Taking Scott’s advice, Jeremy called together some of the best in the business. Reaching out to friends, coworkers, and former staff, he told them, “Look, I can only pay very little for your help, but I promise this will bring bigger business in the future, and we will all make money together.” With Jeremy’s proven track record, they all jumped on board. Together, they put together the event of the client’s dreams. After an amazing amount of word of mouth, the next game changer happened. Reporting of the charity event, and Jeremy’s name hit the newspaper. It was then he knew he was going to need to expand, to be prepared for the increase in business.

Since then Jeremy, Scott, and Ashley have worked the Kansas City metro area providing exceptional food, with fantastic service. A bit slow on the uptake for things outside the kitchen, WHC has decided it is time to join Current Year and put together a web presence to expand the ability for clients to experience first in class cuisine at competitive rates.

Wait. . .What About Robyn?

Robyn Wilson-CaleWhite House Catering is very proud to have Robyn Wilson-Cale joining the WHC team.  Robyn has an extensive background in event planning working with high-end restaurants J. Gilberts and Bristol. Working with clients to design their dream event has been her primary occupation. White House Catering is very pleased that we have such an accomplished Event Director to assist you in planning your event.


Thank You

If you read all the way down to here, thanks so much for following along. I want to assure you, dear reader, when it comes to working your event Scott, Ashley, Robyn, and I will do our level best to provide you with a wonderful experience for yourself, and your guests. Whether it is a buffet of hotdogs and sliders, or a white glove plated event, our years of experience, combined with our love of the artistry of cooking, will allow us to exceed your expectations.

Thank you,

Chef Jeremy Sexton

Chef Scott Van Gorden

Caterer Ashley Sloan

Event Director Robyn Wilson-Cale